Remote Control of Sanity

Growing up, my experiences with “Universal Remote Controls” were probably very typical of many others.  You spend a few bucks on a device that promises to control your TV, stereo, VCR, CD player, and… well I guess that was about it at the time.  You buy the remote, take it home, unpack it from the hard plastic casing, and take out the small piece of paper that unfolded into something the size of a page […]

How Personal is your Personal Cell Phone?

Before I continue with this post, let me get some housekeeping out of the way up front.  The following scenario is based on an actual situation, but not in reference to any specific event, person, business, or organization.  I’m in no way supporting or repudiating the decisions or policy.  I’m simply laying out some facts of a situation and eliciting your feedback on the situation. So, where is the line between what is yours, and […]